Cash America

Get cash quick with a cash advance. Choose quality customer service and loans at Cash America.

Overview of the company

Cash America is a loan company that offers quality, world-class customer service and the most satisfying loan products that will meet your financial needs. It currently has a host of financial services and products that you might be looking for in a loan service company. Cash America has pawn loans, cash advances, check cashing services, money orders and transfer services and prepaid debit cards in some of its many locations. The brands that are affiliated with Cash America in the US are Cash America Pawn, SuperPawn, Cash America Payday Advance, Cashland and Cash America Pawn.

Products offered by Cash America

Pawn Loans

  • Cash America accepts anything of value including gold and diamond jewelry, watches, musical instruments, cameras, firearms and tools.
  • Get appraised in minutes, simply bring your item of value to a Cash America branch
  • Loans are funded in cash with no credit checks and any hassles at all

Cash Advances

  • Depending on what state you live in, you can get $100 to $1,500
  • Get cash in minutes upon approval
  • Loan processing is fast and confidential
  • Approval is also after writing a personal check or after providing authority to Cash America to debit your account electronically until the loan is due.

Installment Loans

  • Loan amounts from $100 to $1,500 in just a few minutes when you visit a Cash America store
  • You do not have to have perfect credit to qualify. Just present the needed requirements such as any valid state-issued identification card, proof of income, checkbooks, recent bank statements and a valid phone number and proof of street address
  • Enjoy smaller and more flexible payment terms, bigger loans and qualify for more loan amounts after a few payments.

Financial Services

  • Gold buying – simply bring your gold to any neighborhood stores. Cash America buys class rings, bracelets, diamonds, dental crowns, platinum, tangled or broken chains, gold watches and single earrings.
  • Check cashing – cash payroll and government checks in minutes with comparative rates in any Payday Advance or Cashland location.
  • netSpend Visa – initial card is free with the following benefits: easy application, no credit checks, free online account and online transactions, flexible fees and payments, free savings account with interest and so much more. Visit a nearby Cash America branch to apply.

Why choose Cash America?

Cash America offers a wide selection of loan products that will fit your needs. It has a variety of financial services too that you will find absolutely convenient. With numerous locations all over the country and the ability to get instant loan approvals, you will definitely love to partner with Cash America.

How to contact Cash America?

Contact Cash America customer service representatives at (800) 223 – 8738 or email at [email protected] For Payday Advance call (800) 572 – 3577 or email at [email protected] . You can find more information on all services and products offered by Cash America when you visit their official site at .